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By [Owner] kalrathia a - Posted Jan 29, 18


We all know real life comes before games and sometimes we have to do what is best. It is with saddness that I am to announce our Mods, Jungie and Frediculous are stepping down as moderators. They both have some real life things to deal with that are consuming the majority of their time.

They will still be around in game and on discord when they can be though! Please help me in thanking these two for the dedication they have provided to the server. Both of these staff members have been with me since the launch of my first server and have provided me with a lot of help. Thank you Jungie and Fred! We all hope to see you both around in game.

Our TestMod Miguel_1 is also stepping down as well.

Atillathecreeper is being promoted to full fledged Mod! Atilla is our most active player and has been helpful to all new and current players. He has shown a great degree of dedication to the server. Please help me in congratulating him on his promotion!

With these staffing changes please feel free to apply for staff if you would like a chance to become a Mod on Asgarnia. We will be actively looking for new Mods over the next few weeks. We are in the process of a lot of changes right now so please do not be discouraged if your application sits there without a response for a little while. Please make sure you are active in game and in the community!

- Kal

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